Del Webb Deserves Support
Del Webb Deserves Support


As a resident of Hollister for 18 years, I understand how important it is that we preserve the quality of life and the small-town charm of our community. To do this, we must carefully consider how our city should grow. I believe that the Del Webb proposal for a Sun City community is an opportunity for our city to grow in the right direction.

By supporting Measure S, we are providing our city the opportunity to welcome an active adult community to Hollister. Measure S does not grant Del Webb the right to build. If the ballot measure is approved, Del Webb will still be required by law to undergo the traditional project application and planning process – which includes environmental review and community input. Measure S is a first step, an extra step, being taken by Del Webb to ensure our community and their plans are a good fit. Let me tell you why.

I visited another Sun City in Lincoln and I saw firsthand how a community not so different from our own has grown in a positive way. There are more than 200 Sun City volunteers who donate their time to local schools, the downtown businesses are prospering, many older Lincoln residents have moved out of their houses and into the Sun City – freeing up housing for young families, there has been a rise in the number of quality medical wellness programs, and there has been a notable increase in the number of recreational activities available for people all ages. Sun City Lincoln and the city of Lincoln have blended into one great community.

Sun City communities attract neighbors who want to be part of the cities they live in. The residents are energetic, hospitable and are an important asset to their community. Sun City Lincoln Hills is an attractive community that offers a number of amenities on-site that are available to the public including meeting facilities, public golf and walking trails and a public dining area. Sun City communities are places that encourage community and family.

In my opinion, what Sun City has done in Lincoln would be a great benefit to us here in Hollister. We need a new sewer system and Sun City Hollister can help us pay for it. We need the money to expand Highway 25 to 4 lanes. We need a downtown with more shopping and dining options (without stores closing by the day). Our schools need volunteers bringing a lifetime of experience into the classroom. With Del Webb, we will have an opportunity to go after the things that Hollister needs without jeopardizing the qualities we love. Hollister is a great place to live and Del Webb can help us to keep it that way.

Dee Hone


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