I read with interest your April 20 article on “Nomad Nurses.” As a staff RN in the ICU at Hazel Hawkins, I work regularly with Larry and some other fine traveling nurses. I could never detract from Larry, who is a gentle man and an excellent nurse, or for that matter from any of the travelers. I was puzzled that an article about nurses at Hazel Hawkins would exclusively feature travelers and no regular staff. Personally, I get added job satisfaction from the opportunity to give back at least a little to the community where I live. At a time when it is difficult to find nurses to fill all the shifts, I would hope that you might reach out to nurses living here, but working elsewhere, encouraging them to explore their local hospital. This seems like a perfect time considering the high cost of commuting. Further, if San Benito County continues to grow in population, as it seems it will, we will need more medical staff. Replacing “old” faces with new every three months is only a temporary measure. Now might be a good time to address this issue.

Ashley Blinn, Hollister

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