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June 24, 2024

Fair time

My favorite event of the year is fast approaching – the county fair. Before settling in the wooded surround of north Monterey County, I pounded the pavement in some of the world’s grandest metropolitan cities and yet the county fair with its blue ribbon jams,...

City workers deserve praise for avoiding a strike

We want to salute members of the Service Employees International

Join the movement to revitalize the arts

Free Lance columnist Mike Smith has a vision. Well, he at least

Don’t Support It, And It’ll Go Away

Now is the perfect time to come downtown and pick up a few

$100,000 for recall could be better spent

Well, it's official.

Editorial: City turns corner on fiscal responsibility

There appears to be a new attitude at the city under Mayor Ignacio Velazquez, with several examples on display at last week's council meeting.

Free Lance Editorial: Adviser’s hiring underscores HSD’s fiscal ineptitude

The Hollister School District's request for a class-size waiver and  extension of a contract for an optional fiscal adviser - who acts as  a five-figure “final set of eyes” - underscore a cultural acceptance  of fiscal irresponsibility.

Do more to secure SJB grant

The political war over water in San Juan Bautista is escalating

Illegal fireworks may snuff out sane fun

Bad behavior by a few rowdies is seriously endangering fireworks

Businesses are in middle of potential ICE squeeze

The stories began flying last week: Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents would raid businesses across California and deport undocumented workers. As of this newspaper’s press time, the raids had not started, but the specter remains. Heightened anxiety about federal immigration policies has already intensified...