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June 14, 2024

A Rare Man Crossed Borders, for Good

If we are lucky, we meet one person in our lifetime who has the

Editorial: Deceptive Measure J ads distort Free Lance’s views

This newspaper's brand has become a centerpiece of the multimillion-dollar, oil company-funded campaign to oppose the anti-fracking initiative, Measure J. We wish to disassociate ourselves from those efforts.

Valdivia should recuse herself from votes on layoffs that include her family

While no official body has weighed in, it seems clear

Parents Offer Help and Ideas

The following events, organizations and people deserve either a

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Rodeo success and officials’ salaries

Organizers of the 76th annual San Benito County Saddle Horse

Governor’s own rash moves spur fiscal crisis

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a new kind of governor, and the

Council’s about face on layoffs is alarming with the city’s budget problems

It's alarming that City Council members reversed their stance

Let’s Keep Fees From Happening at All

I see that San Benito High School is trying to figure out how to

Editorial: With one exception, county voters were decisive

With one exception, county voters were decisive in their decisions on Election Day.

Another colorful Fourth of July

Well, hand it to good, old Hollister. It knows how to celebrate