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Assault, Wentz Alley

One minute into 2009 on Jan. 1, an assault occurred in the alley behind Johnny’s Bar and Grill resulting in serious bodily injury. According to police, the victim made remarks of some kind to the suspect who then punched the victim causing him to fall onto an unknown object that caused a large cut to the back of his head. The victim was transported to Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital. No arrests were made, and there is no suspect information.

Vehicle burglary, Rancho Drive

Stereo equipment and a television were reported as having been stolen from a vehicle at 4:30 p.m. Saturday on the 1200 block of Rancho Drive.

Vandalism, Hillcrest Road

At 9 p.m. Saturday night a victim reported to police that an unknown suspect had vandalized his car on the 1100 block of Hillcrest Road. The vehicle had been defaced by an unknown suspect who etched gang signs into the car and broke the rearview mirror.


Tampering with a vehicle, Glenview Drive

A Hollister juvenile was arrested after he was observed opening a car door in a victim’s driveway on the 2600 block of Glenview Drive and then boarding a nearby school bus. An off-duty Gilroy police officer detained the bus until Hollister police could arrive.

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