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San Benito County supervisors Tuesday will revisit several agenda items first introduced at previous meetings, including the anticipated adoption of two ordinances.

Supervisors will again review the oil and gas wells ordinance this week, with an amendment that requires fees for a conditional use permit related to oil and gas cannot be waived or deferred without prior approval of the supervisors.

At the same meeting, supervisors will reintroduce an ordinance to establish administrative citation authority that would allow county employees the authority to write citations for violations of the county ordinances.

At the April 16 board of supervisors meeting, supervisors directed staff to move forward with an ordinance that would give authority to animal control officers and code enforcement officers to write administrative tickets, with potential to expand the ordinance to include employees of other departments in the future.

The ordinance calls for a first violation fine of $100, $200 for a second occurrence within one year and $500 for the third or each subsequent occurrence of the same violation of county ordinances within one year. Violations of the local building and safety codes are set at $100 for a first violation, $500 for a second violation and $1,000 for the third or each subsequent occurrence within one year of the first violation.

The idea for the ordinance was first broached last year during the budget hearings. That is when the planning department staff members suggested the county explore an administrative citation process that would help bring property owners into compliance with the California Building Code and other county codes.

Board members are expected to approve resolutions that would grant authority to the county code enforcement office and the animal control officer. The city code enforcement and city animal control have similar authority within the city limits.

Supervisors will also discuss the potential proposed renaming of Highway 25 to Pinnacles National Park Highway after some negative response from South County residents, among other items. For a full agenda, visit

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