Dear Editor:

Councilman LoBue exited year 2002 with an interview in the Free Lance newspaper captioned, “LoBue looks back at a year as Hollister mayor.”

It is ironic that Councilman LoBue has spent one year as a councilman and one year as the mayor and still doesn’t get it.

Councilman LoBue says how “proud” he is. What “pride” can LoBue have on how much the city, under his watch, cost the taxpayers for fines and lost revenues?

LoBue is “proud” that the RWQCB fined Hollister over $1 million? How can LoBue be “proud” of a multi-million lawsuit against the city?

Is it “pride” that LoBue savors while Hollister undergoes an economic collapse and local job loss from the RWQCB’s “cease and desist” sewer hookup order due to the city’s failure to proceed in a timely manner to construct a sewer treatment facility?

And, can LoBue be “proud” of the way he fractured the relationship between the city and county?

It will take the will power of our new mayor, Brian Conroy, to be patient in mending those deep wounds LoBue left the county with.

The city and county must start working together for the health, safety and welfare of the community.

LoBue’s inability to comprehend critical issues that damage Hollister’s frail infrastructure is blamed on other people, including myself.

LoBue lacks the intelligence to understand that voting to send the West of Fairview Project to LAFCO for annexation to build 677 homes, by definition, is the same as voting to build one home.

LoBue threatens the community by saying, “I’ll continue to be that way. And I’ll try to be at the forefront of things important to this city.”

Hopefully, the new year will see the city attorney, new city manager and fellow council members restrain LoBue from doing anymore “proud” work as councilman.

Paul Grannis


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