Question: Cuts to special ed programs


Do you have issues with the Hollister School District’s disproportionate cuts to special ed programs?

Nants Foley My understanding is this course of action was recommended by a task force whose members included the special education director, special education teachers, site administrators and  parents.  It would be churlish of me to second-guess their work when I have no working knowledge of the situation.

David Huboi Yes, because the fundamental question remains, and that is, are the most vulnerable students receiving the services they are entitled to? Many students with disabilities require integrated care in the form of counseling, special equipment and access to health professionals. When these programs are underfunded, the consequence of poor performance can have negative repercussion to the student, school and community at large.

Ruth Erickson Surely the two voter-approved bond measures of 2014 and 2016 for the Hollister School District freed up funds that could be used for special ed and other very necessary programs. The  task force needs to look deeper into this fiasco.


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