Question of the Week: Water


Winter storms brought much needed water to the parched state earlier this year, but with a growing population and industry needs, water conservation is still important in California. How do you conserve water in San Benito County? Are you concerned about water quality where you live?


Water is life! The demand for water is increasing exponentially. New developments all over the county, Formula One Racetrack in San Juan Bautista? More facilities mean more water use. How long can our water last? It is imperative that we all employ as many water saving practices available. Our entire community working together can make a difference. Cesar Flores.


I am very concerned about the water in our area. Lots of complaints of the water smelling. Even the shower. I conserve water as much as possible. I have energy efficient appliances as well. Have they been using the gray water concept? The most concern is the water bill going higher and higher. The county owns the water and city owns the sewage. The smell is in the air as well. Keith Snow.


We still need to conserve water to prepare for future drought years. Our present water is not very good and in San Juan Bautista it is even worse. A new water treatment plant will help with Hollister’s water quality, hopefully we will eventually be able to eliminate the need for water softeners in our homes. Ruth Erickson.


I have always been a water conserver, going back to the drought in the 1970s. I find the water in Hollister to be one of its least endearing qualities. It’s a good life. Nants Foley.


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