Results from Hollister Recreation Division softball games

Crew 16, Blazers 15

Joe Monteon HR, Chris Soto HR, (C); Chino Sotelo 2 HR, T.J. Dickens HR (B)

Talamo 23, Johnny’s Bar 7

Art DeValle 5 hits, Bobby Garcia HR, Abel Jacquez HR, Henry Calderon HR (T); Mike Oquien HR, Alex Florez HR, John Vasquez HR (JB)

Spike’s Aftershock 20, Mountain Mike’s 4

Javier Ramos HR (SA)


Outlaws 22, Golden Eagle 16

Dan Jiminez 4 hits, Chris Lee HR, Anthony Zuniga HR, Matt Cassez HR (O); Randy Evanger 5 hits, Dale Stevens 4 hits, Randy Olds 2 HR (GE)

BeVo’s 23, Halcones 21

John Turpin 4 hits, Jason Livingston (B)

Outlaws 18, Halcones 9

Matt Cassez HR (O)

Chapman Woods 14, Outlaws 6

Chris Boulles HR, Paul Brunn HR (CW); Simone Hernandez HR (O)

BeVo’s 26, Golden Eagle 6

Matt Plesek 5 hits, Jason Livingston 5 hits, Gino Andrade 4 hits (B); Randy Evanger HR, Dale Stevenson HR (GE)

Team Pistol 23, Halcones 6

Bobby Galvan HR (TP); Lupe Yerena HR (H)

BeVo’s 13, Team Pistol 8

Chapman 19, Golden Eagle 17

Team Pistol 9, Chapman Woods 4


410 20, Auto Tech 15

Ben Reid 4 hits, HR, Shawn Bourdett HR (410); Tony Estrada 4 htis, Jason Trujillo HR, Rick Trujillo HR, Eddie Florez HR (AT)

Wrecking Crew 23, 8-balls 8

Dave Lujan 4 hits, Tony Vigille 4 hits, Fred Steinbach 4 hits, Jeff Smith HR, Jason Lease HR (WC)

Bandits 23, Ideal 9

Chris Perria HR, Bobby Martin HR (B); Terry Cooper HR (I)

Ideal 10, 410 3

Jeff Scibula 4 hits, Albert Sanchez 4 hits, Jose Rodriguez 4 hits, Terry Cooper HR, Albert Sanchez, Sr. HR, Robert Rodriguez HR (I)

Auto Tech 29, 8-balls 4

Tony Estrada 4 hits, Jason Trujillo 4 hits, Adrian Ramirez 4 hits (AT); Pete Gomes HR (8-b)

Wrecking Crew 17, Bandits 10

Mike Kelley 4 hits, Jason Lease HR (WC); Randy Salano 2 HR, Vince Cefalu 2HR, Mike Razo HR (B)

Auto Tech 23, Ideal 14

Eddie Florez 4 hits, Jay Atkins 4 hits, Ricky Trujillo HR (AT); Robert Rodriguez 4 htis, Steve Joynier HR (I)

Wrecking Crew 22, 410 9

Jeff Smith 4 hits

Bandits def. 8-ball by forfeit


Locommotive 19, Calvary Baptist 11

Gabe Ramirez 4 hits, Edgar Palanco 4 hits (L); Jeff Black 4 hits (CB)

DBA Electric 17, Safety Storage 11

Beto Casas HR, Marcos Ramirez HR (DBA)

Note: Some names were submitted without stats and are not included

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