Dear Editor:

When I first heard that Hollister would be blessed with a Farmers Market I was beyond excitement! But that excitement didn’t last long when I found out it would be held on Wednesdays between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Why Wednesday? Why not Saturday when everyone is home and in town?

People work on Wednesday, and in-between getting home at a reasonable hour, settling the kids and eating dinner, there is just no time and energy to pack up and head to the market.

I hear coworkers speak wonderfully of their local Farmers Markets, all of which are on Saturdays and are wonderful experiences, flush with eager shoppers and fun for the whole family.

Too bad that most of the residents of Hollister can’t speak of the same joy because their Farmers Market is smack in the middle of the working week.

In light of the recent Free Lance article that mentioned that 48.5 percent of the county workforce commutes out of the county to their jobs, and thus most likely miss the Farmers Market on Wednesday, a case could be argued that Farmers Market business could DOUBLE if it were held on Saturday.

I know I’d be there every Saturday versus not going at all on Wednesday. If the organizers think Wednesday was a successful day last year, try Saturday and and I guarantee that they’ll be even happier!

John Rinck


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