SBHS: Equity league winter sports set for approval


The picture for next year’s equity league between the Monterey Bay and Tri-County Athletic League is beginning to take shape as next year’s temporary league structure for winter sports awaits approval in an April 13 meeting, San Benito’s athletic director Tod Thatcher confirmed Thursday.

The joint Board of Managers approved the temporary placement of the 15 schools during a March 22 meeting.

Each division was established based on each schools’ recent history and possible future.

For the winter sports, San Benito was placed in the Gabilan Division (the higher ranking division) in four out of the five sports. San Benito was listed in the lower Pacific Division in boys soccer.

After placing second in the TCAL last year, the boys basketball team was selected to the Gabilan Division, with former TCAL opponents Palma, Salinas and Alvarez.

Longtime rival Gilroy High was placed in the Pacific Division — splitting the Balers and Mustangs into different divisions. Next year, the two teams would have to schedule a non-league game to continue playing each other.

Gilroy’s Christopher High — along with Monterey and Seaside — were placed in the Gabilan Division with the Balers.

Gilroy and San Benito were also separated in girls basketball and boys soccer.

The Balers — along with Notre Dame, Salinas, North Salinas and Alisal — were sent to the girls basketball’s Gabilan Division. Christopher and Seaside also joined the TCAL teams.

Despite struggling to a 3-3 record in league competition last year, the San Benito wrestling squad was placed in the Gabilan Division along with MBL champion Christopher and TCAL champion Gilroy.

Here is the complete breakdown of next year’s equity league for winter sports:

Boys basketball:

Gabilan Division – Monterey, Palma, San Benito, Salinas, Seaside, Everett Alvarez and Christopher.

Pacific Division – North Salinas, Monte Vista Christian, Watsonville, North Monterey County, Pajaro Valley, Alisal and Gilroy.

Girls basketball:

Gabilan – Notre Dame Salinas, North Salinas, San Benito, Alisal, Seaside and Christopher.

Pacific – Monte Vista Christian, Watsonville, North Monterey County, Everett Alvarez, Monterey, Pajaro Valley and Gilroy.

Boys soccer:

Gabilan – Watsonville, Alisal, North Monterey County, Salinas, Pajaro Valley, Seaside and Gilroy.

Pacific – Monte Vista Christian, Monterey, North Salinas, Palma, Everett Alvarez, San Benito and Christopher.

Girls soccer:

Gabilan – Watsonville, San Benito, Salinas, Pajaro Valley, North Salinas, Christopher and Gilroy.

Pacific – Seaside, Monterey, Monte Vista Christian, Notre Dame, Everett Alvarez, North Monterey County and Alisal.


Gabilan – Alisal, Monterey, North Salinas, Palma, San Benito, Christopher and Gilroy.

Pacific – Everett Alvarez, Monte Vista Christian, North Monterey County, Pajaro Valley, Salinas, Seaside and Watsonville


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