Theater enthusiasts honored at annual event

Volunteers from Salon 218 accept their awards at the podium for helping with hair styling for the San Benito Stage Company's production of 'Hairspray.'

The San Benito Stage Company held its annual Members Choice Awards Jan. 28, at the Granada Theatre, in Hollister. The annual event is a chance for members to vote on their favorite productions from the season. Directors, producers actors and those who help behind the scenes are all honored at the event with awards given out in more than 30 categories.

The awards event is also a chance for the Stage Company to thank community partners and collaborators such as Oriana Chorale, Community Foundation for San Benito County, Mr. O’s Save the Music Drive, Salon 218 and others.

Best Show: Tie – “The Music Man” and “Hairspray”

Best Director: Heidi Henderson – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Producer: producer Jenny Gomer, and associate producers Deanna Larsen and Melonie Gonzalez for “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Actor Adult: Michael Perry – “The Music Man”

Best Actress Adult: Beth Connor – “The Music Man”

Best Actor Teen: John Sanchez – “Hairspray”

Best Actress Teen: Samantha Santos – “Hairspray”

Best Actor Youth: J T Manalili – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Actress Youth: Nettie Schneider – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Supporting Actor: Tie- Nathan Chase, “The Foreigner” and Christian Barrera – “The Music Man”

Best Supporting Actress: Norma Molchan – “The Music Man”

Best Supporting Actor Teen: Tie- Stephen Miser, “Hairspray” and Nick Burchard – “Hairspray”

Best Supporting Actress Teen: The Dynamite Trio- Taylor Snook, April Robertson and Lauren Marshall, “Hairspray”

Best Supporting Actor Youth: Riley Scherr – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Supporting Actress Youth: Cecilia Hall -“Music Man”

Best Actor Minor Role Adult: David Hardy – “The Music Man”

Best Actress Minor Role Adult: Jenny Arbizu – “The Music Man”

Best Actor Minor Role Teen: Jimmy Goudge – “The Music Man”

Best Actress Minor Role Teen: Sierra Martinez – “Hairspray”

Best Actor in Minor Role Youth: Owen Branon – “Charlotte’s Web”.

Best Actress in Minor Role Youth: Emily Christensen – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Ensemble Actor Adult: Duane Holt – “The Music Man”

Best Ensemble Actress Adult: Tricia Harvey – “The Music Man”

Best Ensemble Actor Teen: Dillon Grow – “Hairspray”

Best Ensemble Actress Teen: Tie – Charity Sando – “The Music Man” and Cheyenne Kistner – “Hairspray”

Best Ensemble Actor Youth: “The Three Blind Mice”- Jacob Gomer, Josh Gomer and Jake Hardy – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Ensemble Actress Youth: Betsy Molchan – “The Music Man”

Best Choreographer: Janelle Russell – “Hairspray”

Best Vocal Director: Becky Miser – “Hairspray”

Best Music Director: Becky Miser – “Hairspray”

Best Costumes: Lois Kincaid, Kara Loupe and Toni Smith – “The Music Man”

Best Props: Lori Christensen – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Set Design: Tie – Chris Adams and Tony Schneider – “Hairspray” and Dan Gonzalez and Heidi Henderson – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Set Artist: Tricia Harvey – “The Music Man”

Best Set Construction: Tony Schneider, Duane Holt, Dan Gonzalez, Steve Gifford, Jack Gifford, Allen Schneider- “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Stage Manager: Tess Kelly and Nathan Chase – “The Music Man”

Best Technical Crew: Heidi Grow, Matt Romiti and Stephen Miser – “Charlotte’s Web”

Best Hair and Make Up: Janine Rodriguez, Amanda Fletcher, Jennifer Snook and Salon 218 – “Hairspray”

Newcomer Awards: Charity Berg – “The Foreigner”, Rachel Holt – “Charlotte’s Web”, Duane Holt – “The Music Man”, Ana Yahaira Sanchez – “Hairspray”

Producer Awards: Debbie Pivetti – “The Foreigner”, Amelia Souza-Hatcher – “Charlotte’s Web”, Allen Schneider – “The Music Man”, Janine Rodriguez – “Hairspray”

Gypsy Robes: Allen Coughlin – “The Foreigner”, Sarah Gomer – “Charlotte’s Web”, Tony Schneider – “The Music Man”, Nettie Schneider – “Hairspray”

Orchestra Awards: Mike Conley – “The Music Man”, Les Pierce – “The Music Man”, Liz Dominguez – “The Music Man”, Mary Dominguez – “The Music Man”, Mike Perry – “Hairspray”



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