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True story.
Last weekend, a stranger approached me while I was getting gas
at a local station. The conversation started as it often does. Are
you Bruce Kiefert, the guy who writes those letters to the
True story.

Last weekend, a stranger approached me while I was getting gas at a local station. The conversation started as it often does. Are you Bruce Kiefert, the guy who writes those letters to the editor?

When I said yes I am, the stranger arrogantly introduced himself as a friend of District Attorney John Sarsfield ( “FOJ”…Friend of John’s). Looking down his nose at me, “FOJ” indicated that he had heard I was an ex-convict and asked if that was the reason for my “nasty letters to the editor.”

Surprised at the question, I told “FOJ” I learned to write while working in the prison library, honing my skills preparing letter to my parole agent, parole board and the warden. Just kidding.

Actually, what I told “FOJ” was that Sarsfield should have gambled away his law school tuition and kept his career at McDonalds.

For those of you who are spreading the convict rumor, I’ve never been arrested, charged or tried. The difference between the Brady Bunch and me, I’ve never even been accused of anything remotely criminal. I know the Sheriff can’t claim that.

One other thing, if someone wants to bully me, they need to be taller than 5 foot 4 and weigh more than 100 and nothing pounds. They also need to be armed with more than a rumor that i’m an ex-convict.

Now I have an anonymous “FOJ” yapping at my heals from the Citizens Voice. I’ll tell you what invisible “FOJ,” I’ll meet you anywhere, anytime to debate the issues. How about Starbucks, 9 to 10 a.m., coffee cups and personal assistants at 10 paces… Oh, I forgot. I can’t do that. I wouldn’t know who you are, you “forgot” to sign your name. I’ll tell you what, bring the Sheriff (with his cuffs), the DA and the little guy from the gas station and I’ll debate all four of you. Four against one, perfect odds for the Sheriff.

Sarsfield’s letter to the editor last Friday, where he accused the Free Lance of publishing “another blatant lie” about his office is hypocritical at best. After lying about the Attorney General’s Office in the Brady fiasco, Sarsfield calling anyone a liar is ridiculous.

Having just read the January articles, I found that the prosecutor in the Brian Conroy drunk driving accident with property damage case was none other than Steven Wagner. By the way, Sarsfield says the deal was made on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2003, four days before he took office on Monday, Jan. 6, 2003. The fact is, Sarsfield was sworn in either Saturday, Jan. 4, or Sunday, Jan. 5, in a private ceremony/swearing in party at the Vault, which was attended by none other than Conroy and Wagner.

It would be highly unlikely that Wagner, with less than 18 month as an attorney/prosecutor, would be left to make this very dubious and far reaching political decision on his own. There is the appearance of impropriety here and it should be investigated. Especially after the shenanigans Sarsfield and Wagner have pulled over the past three months.

I would like to hear more information on the clandestine investigation by the private dick out of Salinas. As you recall, the alleged purpose of the investigation was to smear and intimidate the existing Board of Supervisors and affect the upcoming election, swaying the vote toward pro-growth candidates and against Measure G.

I have a few questions I would like asked of Sarsfield, who was allegedly in possession the private dicks report and Sheriff Curtis Hill, who allegedly provided information to the investigator.

1. Did either of you meet with “the group” prior to the beginning of this sleazy McCarthy-like investigation? Did either of you provide direction or suggestions to him or “the group” as to who and what should be investigated?

2. What are the names of the people paying for this investigation? Remember, we Americans are still entitled to confront our accusers, even in San Benito County.

3. Is it true that “the group” targeted private citizens to be investigated for no other reason than they believed in slow or controlled growth? Do you condone this?

4. Have you discussed this investigation or report with anyone from the less-than-grand jury?

5. Why are you even considering anything in the private investigators report? It is my understanding that you want the state to pass a law preventing private investigators from being able to do contract work for counties. So the question is, why would you even consider filing criminal charges based on an investigation paid for by a bunch of cowardly, faceless carpetbaggers and performed by an out of town private dick, who was paid thousands of dollars to say what the group wanted said?

The Constitution provides us with freedom of speech and the right to privacy that includes my anonymous little friend in the Citizens Voice. If they know that our constitutional rights are being trampled and do nothing about it, the Sheriff and District Attorney should both be removed from office and charged with felony apathy.

Bruce Kiefert,


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