Dear Editor:

I just read the article by Kollin Kosmicki about the eviction at 27 East St. I do not know the landlord Mr. Lozano but I really think using the label “Slumlord” is unfair.

As I understand the article there were 18 people living in this house with 7 of them adults. Why did they not keep the place clean, was it the landlord who mounded garbage in the yard and house, was it the landlord that kept the house a filth heap, was it the landlord who kept such a filthy house that they did not even remove a dead animal from inside or let bird droppings pile up and let mold grow or put the couch up to the wall heater or could not even remove old food containers so the house had “a pungent smell of garbage through out the house”???

Why blame the landlord how about the 7 adults who caused this mess? Should they not be charged with child endangerment and neglect?

Dennis R. Allshouse


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