Anna Caballero

Sen. Anna Caballero will continue to represent San Benito County and the Salinas Valley for the next two years until a new senator assumes the district, the Senate Rules Committee announced last week.

Every 10 years a neutral committee completes the redistricting process based on census numbers and public input. However, the most recent redistricting left about 3.6 million Californians without State Senate representation, including those living in the Salinas Valley and San Benito County.

Anna Caballero

The Senate Rules Committee adopted a Deferred Area Assignment process to assign current senators to represent impacted districts in order for constituents to have access to services and representation.

Caballero, who represents the 14th Senate District—composed of majority portions of Merced, Fresno and Madera counties—was appointed to serve as the interim representative for the Salinas Valley and San Benito County, as well.

“Every Californian deserves to have representation in our participatory democracy,” Caballero said in a statement Feb. 9. “I have served the Salinas Valley and San Benito County as an attorney and elected representative for many years, and consider it an honor and privilege to be able to continue to serve over the next two years.”

In addition to her official Senate District 14 constituency, Caballero will represent an additional 300,000 people. The assignment remains in effect until 2024, when the newly elected senator assumes the district.

“My office and staff are available to address the needs of community members and to assist with issues that involve a state agency,” Caballero said. “People in the Salinas Valley and San Benito County can rest assured that they have a champion to advocate for them in the Senate.”

Caballero and her staff will continue to operate her District 14 office in Salinas, which is located at 132 W Gabilan Street, Suite 101. The office phone number is 831.769.8084. 

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