Highway 156 is shown from a hillside.

Panelists answered the following: Would you support a sales tax to fund road improvements in San Benito County?
Richard Herrera: Yes. There are many roads that need improvement. There are also more homes being built in Hollister so our population has increased.
Nants Foley: I would support a tax for roads. Some of our roads are obstacle courses, and it will only get worse!
Bill Mifsud: Yes. This is one tax I would support. No tricks, just for road improvements, and I am all in for supporting this tax. Everyone will benefit from this tax.
Mary Zanger: No, not because a sales tax increase harms the local economy, although that is a very good reason. It is not because our roads are not crumbling and in dire need of repair. It is because our federal government sucks funds out of the county for endless wars. The reason is this: the House budget offered by the party in charge, not Democrats, disallows funds for infrastructure repair and replacement. Infrastructure work provides sorely needed jobs, which grow a strong community. It seems criminal that our own government needing to return funds to the community instead refuses help for the same community. 
Ruth Erickson: We have two challenges for our local road improvements. State Highways 156 and 25 with other main roads under the Council of Governments need to be improved to prepare for the thousands of new commuters who will be moving here in the near future. We must also remember that many of our local city downtown and residential streets are in deplorable condition with only temporary, band-aid repairs made for years.

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