Recent vandalism at Hollister schools include a shattered glass door at one of the district’s sites. Photo courtesy of Hollister School District

Level 1 Security has started night patrols at each of the Hollister School District sites due to an increase in vandalism. 

In recent weeks, playground construction projects have been interrupted and delayed due to nightly vandalism. In March, the district announced that $2.4 million would be invested to upgrade all existing playground surfaces and replace them with new, pour-in-place material in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This work has been underway since June despite multiple setbacks due to vandalism and destruction of playground equipment.

Vandals have destroyed playground equipment that is under construction at a Hollister School District campus. Photo courtesy of Hollister School District

As district personnel work to prepare schools for staff and students to return for the 2023-24 school year, they are also working to address damage to windows, roofs, doors, offices and classrooms. 

Schools have had windows kicked in, graffiti painted on classrooms and office buildings, destruction of playground equipment, and tile-roof damage. Hollister School District campuses are drug- and alcohol-free zones. However, alcohol-related litter has been found frequently on school property.

Any individual caught willfully damaging, stealing or vandalizing school property may be subject to criminal charges, the cost to replace damaged or stolen property and the cost of repairs. The district encourages the Hollister community to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. 

Schools in good repair are a benefit for the entire community, and it is the district’s goal to ensure that all damages are repaired in time for students’ return. Thank you for your support as crews work diligently toward preparing school facilities to receive students on Aug. 17. 

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