The following people, organizations and events deserve either a
Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down this week.
The following people, organizations and events deserve either a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down this week.

THUMBS UP: For 9-year-old Nicollette Perazzo of Hollister who took it upon herself to help less fortunate kids. When helping decorate the Emmaus House, a battered woman’s shelter, she noticed that there were not many dolls for the children of the woman who will stay there. So, Nicollette started an organization called Angel Babies. She collects donated dolls, cleans them up, makes them blankets and gives them to organizations that help kids. Nicollette’s good deeds are sure to put a smile on the face of a child going through a tough time. She’s compassionate and inspirational beyond her years.

THUMBS DOWN: For the county having to send back a $500,000 state grant intended to fund a low-income childcare in Hollister. The county landed the grant in 2001 but ran into several roadblocks to getting it built – Hollister’s building moratorium caused by a sewer spill in 2002 chief among them. The county also had trouble finding an operator that could run the facility for the money it had. Now, plans for a 3,600 square-foot facility to help 56 kids have to be scrapped. The county hopes to be able to get the grant again in a few years when the moratorium lifts. Until then, this is just another reason to work diligently to complete a new sewer plant, and lift the moratorium that is doing a great deal of harm to our community.

THUMBS UP: For Jack, a superbly-trained K-9 officer who has worked for the San Benito County Sheriff’s department for seven years, sniffing out narcotics, chasing down bad guys and quite literally taking a bite out of crime. In that time, Jack has accounted for more than 79 felony arrests, a record that likely would do any two-legged officer proud. Whether he’s tracking suspects, searching cars for drugs or protecting an officer from gunfire, Jack is an invaluable asset for law enforcement officials.

THUMBS DOWN: For the two attempted murders last weekend. In a frightening increase of gang violence, one Hollister man was carjacked at gunpoint and another 17-year-old boy was stabbed twice during a party. Police say the men committing the crimes are likely gang members. There’s no doubt that there is gang activity in Hollister. Hiding our head in the sand won’t solve anything. Do something about it. Attend the city’s upcoming Gang Task Force meeting at 6:30pm Wednesday at the Calaveras Elementary School on 1151 Buena Visa Road. The community meeting will focus on asking residents what they think causes gang violence, with the objective of coming up with solutions at future meetings.

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