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Now is the perfect time to come downtown and pick up a few
things at the Farmers’ Market.
Now is the perfect time to come downtown and pick up a few things at the Farmers’ Market.

The Market and the downtown need our support, and there is no better place mingle on a summer afternoon or evening than where fresh produce, barbecue, booths, drinks, music and more can be had in one grassy area.

The Market runs every Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm, until Aug. 30.

There are a lot of reasons to stop by the Farmers’ Market. Here are some of them:

n Real food. This is not pre-packaged food product. Go to the Farmers’ Market and pick up fresh vegetables and fruit of all kinds. This isn’t supermarket fruit; this is stuff that is actually picked ripe, and not injected with coloring or anything else. Also, check out the barbecued chicken. The price on the half is simply unbeatable, and we’re talking tender. Also check out the barbecued sweet corn. It is out of this world. You can put butter on, but it doesn’t need it. And the blackberry muffins, check them out. Or the desserts. It’s all there.

n Entertainment. Yesterday a man played a steel drum and encouraged people to check it out. Then a cellist and guitarist. Musical guests are lined up for the rest of the summer market schedule. Hanging out on a lawn watching and listening to music is not a bad way to pass time.

n Mingling downtown. Many downtowns in America are dead or dying. Hollister has one of the most quaint, although it has a way to go before being user-friendly – it needs crosswalks. But it it is a warm, friendly atmosphere at the Farmers’ Market.

So it’s all there at the weekly Farmers’ Market in downtown Hollister. And it is free. And if it isn’t supported it will go away. The growers will not go to the trouble of bringing their goods downtown and organizers will grow tired of somehow trying to drum up support and enthusiasm. Good things have a way of going away these days, things that bring people together in a friendly way. Don’t let it happen to the Farmers’ Market.

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