Facebook post not done by Sierra LaMar, officials say


 A Facebook post by someone posing as Sierra LaMar asking to “please call police he’s coming back” and listing a Saratoga address, has been ruled a hoax by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department according to other news reports.

The post appeared to be a screenshot from Facebook then posted on the photo sharing cell phone app Instagram sometime late Monday – causing distress among many teens who follow Sierra on social media sites.

Sierra, a Fremont native who lives with her mother in Morgan Hill, has been missing since March 16. Police have suspect Antolin Garcia Torres in custody and believe he is responsible for her kidnapping and murder. Sierra’s body has not been found.

Sierra’s Twitter account – often used by the 15-year-old Sobrato High School student previous to March 16 – was hacked into after her disappearance, and several fake social media profiles have been created under her guise.

Other media reported Tuesday morning that the sheriff’s office ruled out the address in Saratoga, which is nearby Saratoga High School on Reid Lane.

Garica Torres was arrested at the Tennant Station Safeway in Morgan Hill May 21 and will return to court July 31 for a scheduled plea hearing.


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