Guest View: Firefighter loss would be big hit


It is a shame we could lose 12 firefighters. We need our fire fighters, we need more at that. We cannot afford this kind of thing to happen. It’s very unfortunate. I believe the grant was put into place when Mike O’Conner was fire chief. It, of course ,was not going to last forever. We have to be on things like this, make sure everything goes through properly and correctly. We should have had some kind of backup plan. Just like we need more police officers; I hope they don’t say we will be losing police officers as well. Let’s make sure this does not happen.
We could be saving money other places and use it towards important things like the firefighters and police officers. Stop wasting money on buy-outs. We spent $1.2 million or more on that. Let’s not overlook these matters that are costing individuals to lose their jobs, which means less protection and safety for the people of the community. To many mistakes are popping up that have to be fixed and patched up. Things should be done right the first time. Do not take credit for something that has not even fallen through yet. The actions of one person affects everyone.
Just like the solar project coming up. Can we really afford to do this? I hope they really look into this and make sure we don’t get kicked in the rear on this one. The contract’s already done. I just hope it all goes smoothly and helps us, not defeats us. We need to create and generate revenue for our future. I feel there is no coordination and we are weak. If I was in charge, I already have experience and ran multiple companies. I definitely would get the job done. Feel free to email me anytime. Communication is key.
Keith Snow is running for Hollister mayor in November against incumbent Ignacio Velazquez.


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