The first major heat wave of the year is hitting the Bay Area as of Tuesday afternoon.

Most of the Bay Area and neighboring counties are under National Weather Service-issued heat advisories or excessive heat warnings, as temperatures are expected to top 110 degrees inland and the mid 90s in some coastal areas through July 6.

The Weather Service has issued two heat advisories for the Bay Areaโ€”the first is from 11am July 2 through 7pm July 3.

A heat advisory has also been issued from 11am July 2 to 8pm July 6 for the San Francisco Bay shoreline, northern Monterey Bay, northern Salinas Valley, Hollister Valley and Carmel Valley. In these areas, highs will also range from the 80s to 90s.

Excessive heat warnings have also been issued for some areas, meaning temperatures are likely to be 100 degrees or higher for two or more days.

An excessive heat warning is in place from 11am July 2 to 8pm July 6 for the Marin and Sonoma coastal ranges, North Bay interior mountains and valleys, the Santa Cruz mountains, Santa Clara Valley, eastern Santa Clara hills, East Bay hills, southern Salinas Valley, Santa Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, San Benito Mountains and interior Monterey County. Highs between the upper 90s and 110 degrees are expected.

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