2016 Ann Sobrato High School graduation. File photo.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an agreement June 27 making personal financial literacy a required course to graduate high school in California, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

“We need to help Californians prepare for their financial futures as early as possible. Saving for the future, making investments, and spending wisely are lifelong skills that young adults need to learn before they start their careers, not after,” Newsom said in the release.

The semester-long course must be offered to all California high school students by the 2027-28 school year and be part of the graduation requirements for the class of 2031.

The agreement to require the personal finance course was also signed by Senate President pro Tempore Mike McGuire (D-North Coast), Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas (D-Salinas), and NGPF Mission 2030, which is a national financial literacy non-profit.

Per reporting by The Economist, California joins a list of at least 25 other states that have made personal financial literacy a required course for high school students.

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