One of the main reasons the signs, such as these posted at Tres Pinos Road and Ladd Lane, are illegal is that they can cause distractions for drivers.

Hollister City Council members responded to a resident’s complaint about illegal yard-sale signs and illegal, makeshift sales during the public comment period of Monday’s meeting by asking the staff to come back with a related ordinance.
Resident Marty Richman, a former Free Lance columnist, called it “ridiculous”—during the council meeting’s public comment period—how the city is allowing makeshift businesses on weekends and also allowing yard sale signs that hang all over town on poles and signs, which is illegal.
Each summer in recent years, there has been a consistent presence of yard sale and other signs around the city, largely near or on weekends. It has not been a priority for the city code enforcement division, which is tasked with enforcing such laws.
City Manager Bill Avera responded to Richman’s complaint, saying the city brought forth an ordinance about five years ago regarding the number of yard sales an individual can have per year. Avera said the council at the time didn’t feel it was an appropriate law, but said he is open to direction from the council now.
Councilman Ray Friend said he would like the staff to come back with the yard-sale ordinance. He said a nominal fee, or a permit, would offer accountability. Fellow council members offered consensus to have staff officials come back with something to consider.
Mayor Ignacio Velazquez underscored the importance of enforcing the laws. He said he believes the city can enforce these issues.
“Most of the public is already as frustrated as we are with the same things occurring,” he said.
For more on the discussion, go here.

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