We are pleased to extend a well-deserved congratulations to R.O. Hardin Elementary School, Rancho San Justo Middle School, Sunnyslope Elementary School and Calaveras School for the recent performance accomplishments of their students, teachers and administrators. 

These schools all recently succeeded in exiting the state Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI) program. And, based on its improved measures, Rancho San Justo School achieved a higher status by moving from the Comprehensive Support and Intervention (CSI) program into the ATSI category. 

For all of these schools, Hollister School District staff played an important role in achieving their noteworthy results, and we congratulate the district’s effort, as well. The CSI and ATSI programs were established by the California Department of Education to ensure that every public school student in the state is receiving a quality education and sufficient personal support. 

Entering and exiting these support categories are based on criteria such as attendance, graduation rates and academic performance of targeted student groups. 

A school being promoted out of these categories requires a lot of work on the part of the schools, the students and the parents. Months of personal attention to students, staff planning and execution of strategies and daily classroom efforts stand behind these improved performances. 

To have four schools in our city achieve such results in the same year is significant. This achievement deserves both the gratitude of all Hollister residents and our ongoing support as our schools strive for ever-improving services to our children. 

Job well done both students and schools! 

Edward Huston 

San Benito County Polytechnic Academy team

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