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April 1, 2023

Letter: Different view to the ‘gateway’ column

Why is it that it seems many liberal people believe in tolerance for all gays, cross dressers, transgenders, or same sex marriages? All others are to be accepting  and understanding to these types, and heaven help us if we conservative people stand up for our traditional definition of marriage that is just between a man and a women that has been the standard for thousands of years. When these tolerant, sweet people state their beliefs and opinions, all others that believe differently  are told that we are intolerant, homophobic, and harsh, insensitive people.
My question is where’s  the liberal tolerance for us now? Do you smell a double standard? With the liberal definition people with another view should just be quiet, and accepting of these lifestyles we are made to feel like we haven’t evolved in the world of mankind. I personally believe 100 percent in the traditional definition of marriage. I don’t think ANY ONE group of people has the right to change the definition of marriage. I do believe in equal rights for everyone. I couldn’t care less if Mrs. Vasquez’s son wants to have pink toes, sing falsetto, dance around the house, and wear a dress, but please don’t demand I become a lemming, and dictate what my moral values should or should not be. To quote a very worn out phrase WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)
I know for sure that first and foremost He would express His love for that person. At the same time JESUS never excused behavior that God the Father had set up for mankind in the beginning. Even the woman caught in adultery was told by JESUS, “you are forgiven, but go and sin no more”. Compassion does not mean compromising biblical truth.  I do believe in equal rights for All, even if I don’t agree with their values, or opinions. If people are  so big on tolerance, then let’s be tolerant to ALL, not just others personal values.
The First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech to all. That’s why I live in the U.S. and not Ireland.
Norm Phillips, Hollister

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