In a remarkable testament to unity and shared purpose, The League of United Latin American Citizens Council 2890 (LULAC) proudly extends its deepest gratitude to VFW Post 9242 and American Legion Post 69 for joining forces. This historic collaboration has not only bridged gaps but has resulted in the selection of Larry Brown and Bryan Morse as the 2023 Veterans of the Year—a momentous occasion for our community. 

For the first time in 30 years, LULAC, VFW Post 9242, and American Legion Post 69 stood together in recognizing the outstanding contributions of veterans. The decision to honor Larry Brown and Bryan Morse required a harmonious blend of perspectives and a collective commitment to appreciating the diversity within our armed forces. 

Local veteran Larry Brown was named one of LULAC’s 2023 Veterans of the Year. Contributed photo

Larry Brown and Bryan Morse embody the rich tapestry of our veteran community. Their service transcends all boundaries. The joint effort to acknowledge their sacrifices reflects a renewed commitment to solidarity, showcasing the strength that arises when we unite for a common cause. 

LULAC is profoundly thankful for the collaborative spirit demonstrated by VFW Post 9242, Commander Maria Spandri and Bernie Ramirez, and American Legion Post 69 and Robert DeLuna. Beyond the recognition of these two exceptional veterans, this historic alliance symbolizes a broader dedication to fostering inclusivity and shared values.

In this season of gratitude, LULAC celebrates not only the remarkable achievements of Larry Brown and Bryan Morse but also the power of collaboration that has brought us together. May this unprecedented coming together inspire future endeavors that emphasize the shared humanity and collective strength found in acknowledging and celebrating the service of those who have dedicated their lives to our nation.

Irma Gonzalez

President, LULAC Council 2890

Local veteran Bryan Morse was named one of LULAC’s 2023 Veterans of the Year.
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