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The little Drummer Boy tunefully beats a rhythm to find the true spirit of Christmas. But like or unlike the little drummer boy, I’m wondering if the mayor’s year-long gifts are in the true spirit of Christmas. True giving is giving without expecting a gift in return. 

It seems as though this mayor was playing Santa Claus throughout the whole year. She filled her bag with gifts. But where did she find these gifts? Were these Grinch-like finds? She gave developers a new General Plan paid for by the taxpayers. Included in this gift was a special golden gift wrap of reducing affordable housing from 20% to 15%. This means that developers can make profit on an extra 5 houses per 100; plus, they now have more space because they can build on Fairview, Union and Buena Vista roads.  

Thanks again to Santa/Mayor.

I wonder why this Santa Claus that flies through the air forgot that people have to use roads. More houses put more cars on the same limited roads. This flying Santa forgot about the taxpayers who pay for road repairs.

This jolly red suited person with a sleigh stowed bag flew away with reindeer looking like city council members. The stowed bag bulged with the grand gift of double sewer capacity. Santa made the sleigh lighter and the reindeer happier after giving this gift to all the developers, especially those at San Juan Oaks.  

Here Santa found hanging socks looking like open hands so filled them with a 50% senior discount on sewer hookups for luxury homes. Santa was supposed to leave this gift under the tree for low-income senior housing.

This Santa makes developers happy all year but what about others like the townspeople?

Instead of better sewer for others, Santa gave west side people sewer stink. Still the west side voices sweetly sing of helping each other.  

West side voices love their council member, even though this Santa considers him a bad boy for singing for people. Does this Santa have the drummer boy’s true spirit of Christmas, or is this Santa more like the Grinch who stole Christmas?

Mary Zanger


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  1. Mary – I love your letter and its message. I have personally watched the Mayor tender all these “gifts” to the hands($$) that feed her. I have personally watched her waste nearly $800, 000 to revise a general plan that had already been completed. All on tax payer coin and all interest of pushing out the city boundaries to benefit her sugar daddies – the developers. She and 2 of her cohorts had the option right in front of them to pass the costs of the revised study onto the developers. Her consultant for this proposed action even stated that this was an option, but she choose a course that has solidified her as having the dubious distinction of being fiscally irresponsible. She has also concocted a perverse agenda in which she is attempting to systematically rob a beloved council member of power and privileges. This councilmember, who represents nearly 30% of Hollister, has opposed the Mayor’s corrupt-laden agenda and is now a victim of mal-intent at the hands of the her and her gang of three. These actions, and others as well, are absolutely disgusting and serve as an example of what is wrong with portions of local government!

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