Hot/cold, run/walk, up/down, fast/slow, like these opposites the Free Lance front page (June 30) displayed two stories each one opposite to the other. I am wondering what readers think and how they respond.  

One story, a true bottom report, documented, “Hollister OKs more housing hookups to wastewater facilities.” We realize we do live in animal bodies and also realize animals do not have an excrement problem as we do.

The opposite story reported, “Trusts join forces to protect Nyland property.” In other words this land is protected from building houses and therefore will never need a sewage treatment plant.

Hikers and visitors to the Nyland property can enjoy space to breathe in the brisk air oxygen rich from beckoning oak leaves swaying on sturdy muscled trunks. Walking through grass, a person can inhale the wafting sweetness of lavender/citrus aromas from pastel colors of wild flowers.  

The “OKs” for housing hookups to Hollister wastewater facilities were extended to the City of San Juan Bautista and to the private development of San Juan Oaks. Obviously, the city council prefers to enjoy rootless houses to sit on land no longer free to grow grass and thrive in welcoming rain and enjoying the gentle nibbling of horses and cattle.  

The Nyland property now belonging to four public land trusts will forever sustain cattle ranching meaning cattle will prosper on nutritious grass and be in balance with the other inhabitants, deer, bobcats, mountain lions, possum, raccoons, squirrels and more. They will enjoy drinking from fresh water flowing from nearby hills as it seeps to recharge groundwater or flow to nearby streams and ponds or lakes preserving wetlands and water for everyone.

Since we enjoy meat, or maybe eat less of it, we need cattle ranches maintaining open space living in balance with nature as the indigenous have done well before us and have taught us to enjoy the abundant salmon from the rivers and streams, we are learning if we are to survive we must live in balance with nature.

Since people cannot eat houses or drink wastewater flowing from them it seems obvious that people would choose to maintain land in a trust like the Nyland property. But some builders, like bobcats stalking a calf, will pounce before the watchdog barks. A single council member is the barking watch dog. So why do the other city council members favor developers rather than their own people???

Mary Zanger


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