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With a great deal of interest I read, “Primary ballot includes county offices.” It seems as though our Registrar of Voters has mounted a decent defense because he is under attack by some with accusations of “a rigged system.”  

Our looming March 5 election has early plans already in place thanks to County Clerk Francisco Diaz, who also wears the hat of Registrar of Voters.

With preliminary volleys exchanged, Mr. Diaz dropped virtual bombs which together announced the utmost convenience for voting. Most convenient of all was the fact that one can register and vote on election day itself. How easy is that? We can even vote by mail, or even at the DMV or at the post office.  

In other words, voting is so easy it should be accomplished with no excuses allowed because the attacks are relentless.

The best defense against an accusation or something untrue would be to expose the attacking untruth. What exactly is a “rigged” system? It could mean something that is prearranged to go a certain way.  

Mr. Diaz, our registrar, has established the direct opposite. He affirms that his office is completely transparent. If a “rigging” is planned, complete openness is the opposite.  For instance, secrecy is the tool of a “rig.” If an army plans to attack an enemy, those plans are wrapped in secrecy. 

On the other hand, Mr. Diaz welcomes visitors, observers and examiners as he will be completely transparent. An open system of checks and re-checks is immune to a “rig.”

Inevitable deadly volleys of misinformation will persist. Voters could be peppered with these volleys: ”Your vote won’t count,” “Voting doesn’t matter,” “I have lost interest,” “I don’t know anyone,”  “I’m too busy,” “I don’t have time,” “I’m too tired.”  

These volleys will continue because they work to favor a low voter turnout. People will stay away from polls. The point remains that we cannot lose this battle. Our registrar is defending our most precious right to vote. We must not lose the right to think and to say what we think.

Furthermore, we must maintain our defenses with the ammunition of information.  

Mary Zanger


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