Regarding the Assemblyman’s ideas for “fixing potholes,” what utter nonsense. If the Legislature would just privatize transit, or make transit riders pay for the cost of their transit, then motorists, truckers and motorcyclists would have no potholes to endure.
But they so cheat motorists, truckers and motorcyclists by diverting our gas/diesel taxes to fund insolvent, bankrupt from conception, urban mass transit boondoggles, even in poor, ag rural counties like ours, that their radical socialism would make Lenin proud.
The potholes in our roads are a reflection of the bankrupt, unsustainable, irrational, intolerable transport policy that our leaders hang around taxpayers’ necks. Their “solutions” are merely schemes to reward their special interests like the public sector union employees at COG and VTA.
Joe Thompson, Tres Pinos

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