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May 31, 2023

Letter to the editor: Faith and pregnancy

Re: 10-8-21 Keeping dialogue open on pregnancy, infant loss (Hollister Free Lance, Oct. 8)

A wanted pregnancy ending prematurely called a “miscarriage” causes a great deal of sadness. So much so that when a pregnancy is ended purposefully it causes anger and censure. This piece details a woman’s story whereas when the event is chosen a woman’s story is missing. In its place is a rush to judgment.

First and foremost, each pregnancy is unique such as period of conception (quick or lengthy), rearranging life, baby preparations, health, culture of acceptance or censure, finances and support. Above all, the primary concern is a wanted pregnancy. Not all are.

Unwanted children become problems. Because each woman tells a different story many pregnancies are unwanted—no partner, no finances, no contraceptives, much too young, or a rapist.

An unwanted pregnancy announces three choices for a woman, all are painful: adoption, keep or abort. The support she gets influences these choices. How can society support women? Emotional support can include good education including college, child care and decent wages.

I think back on my college Zoology and vividly still see the series of photos of a developing circle of cells after union of an egg and a sperm. The cell evolves through stages beginning with a tiny sea creature, then to a fish, next a bird before taking on the view of a human infant. No one has yet to point to the time when a soul begins. 

The soul of course is the intimate connection with the Creator. A woman is well aware of this fact. Throughout her pregnancy a woman lives in a close relationship with the Almighty. After all, the Almighty loves women too. Who knows whether or not in God’s infinite wisdom and love a soul is withheld from an unwanted circle of developing cells. 

If the baby is wanted and loved, that desire creates the soul. No one knows for sure. Therefore this is an issue of faith. Faith is an intimate relationship with God. Women must be trusted. Faith is personal. To interfere in this sacred matter between a woman and God is simply wrong.

Mary Zanger, Retired Pharmacist


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