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June 25, 2022

Letter to the editor: Join the American Solidarity Party

This election year: find a home!

Neighbors, this election year, chances are that California’s electoral votes will go to Biden—simply because California is Democratic-heavy. Do you oppose this? Are you a moderate conservative? Do you think that your only (uncomfortable) recourse is to the GOP? No. Find a home with us—the American Solidarity Party.

The ASP is committed to pro-life and Christian values that extend to every area, including quality affordable housing, health care for all and supportive laws for women who choose to carry their children to term. 

In addition, the ASP supports widespread private ownership, religious freedom, and “just war” theory that views war as the last resort in matters of foreign policy.

I personally came to ASP when I became disillusioned with the mud-slinging partisan war that

prevails on Facebook. Looking for how I could cast my vote with a clear conscience, I found the


As one ASP member, Matthew Kowasic, commented, “My love for God prevents me from voting Democrat and my love for man prevents me from voting GOP.” This echoes my own sentiments exactly. Yours?

Will our ASP candidate, Brian Carroll, win this year? No, likely not. But joining the ASP puts forth efforts to a brighter and more decent future for the next generations. And as it pulls the

numbers away from the two main parties, the values of a truly “whole-life” approach will gain

the attention of more and more Americans. 

Be part of a party that deserves your vote, that shares your values of honesty and integrity: the American Solidarity Party.

Join us. Come home.

Annette Garcia


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