Re: Kids on parade

Still it gives me pause to worry and remember that children died in Highland Park at an Independence Day parade and in Uvalde in their own classroom. I’m sure this was in the mind of every parent on that July 4 day parade as some in costume walked protectively nearby.  However it seems that the liberty and freedom values of those parents won over fear.

I just learned of a remarkable report resulting from years of research by the Department of Justice. It is a plan in which both political parties could agree. See if you agree also.

The report focused on the question: What would it take to deal with gun violence in our schools?  The group proposed to employ thousands of mental health professionals in all our schools. Their work would seek to uncover who were the bullies, who were those being bullied but wouldn’t stop there. They would find those going through rough family situations, or various life hard points and would provide needed counseling. School children would be the best place to start.

The report suggests 500,000 professionals at a good salary of $70,000 a year. This budget would cost $35 billion. This amount would be quite a bit less than what our country is sending Ukraine to continue the war. Now the question becomes, “What program would really support our country in urgent need?”

Mary Zanger


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