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June 14, 2021

Letter: Vote against the party that wants to limit patient protection

The group that controls the House of Representatives and wants control of the Senate and White House has this partial agenda: 1. Lower taxes on America’s top 1 percent. 2. Give control of medical care back to insurance companies. 3. Replace Medicare with the Ryan voucher system. 4. Pay off the National Debt with cuts to government programs, not tax money. 5. Destroy all unions and the benefits they bring our society. 6. Eliminate all government controls except for women’s health. Why would Americans give serious thought or even one vote to this group?
    Republicans oppose the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Requiring insurers to spend 80 percent on real medical expenses, banning discrimination against pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits, no dropping coverage when you get sick, restricted use of annual limits, no different rates based on medical history or gender, right to appeal coverage decisions, same insurance choices as members of Congress, cuts in Medicare payments to insurance companies that are overcharging for level of service provided have made Republicans fighting mad. This law leaves 23 million Americans uninsured instead of the 54 million Republicans want uninsured. Patient protection is given precedence over the right of insurance companies to make maximum profit – no wonder Republicans are outraged.
Frank Crosby
Morgan Hill

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