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December 7, 2022

Letters: Immigrants are essential

Immigrants are essential

The Statue of Liberty has been welcoming immigrants for many years. In CA our economy and way of living depend on field workers many of whom are immigrants. 

Our culture has been enriched by the new foods, music, art and life experiences of those brave enough to leave their old homes. We need a safe and sane policy to bring them into citizenship.

Alice Moskus

Morgan Hill

Keep your eye on the ball

“Keep your eye on the ball,” is the familiar mantra of all good coaches: a line drive up the field, an intercepted pass or a topspin lob. “Keep your eye on the ball” is the message. This seems to be a favorable personal habit to grow through life just like now.

Any coach would frown on infighting among the team because all are on the same team. Winning teams do not indulge in beating each other up. We need each other to remain a winning team and prepare for the next foe.

This pandemic is our current foe and the match is not over yet. We must keep our eye on the ball and continue to mass vaccinate and cooperate without inventing problems. It is time to be serious. Because once our country beats this virus we are still at risk because the rest of the world would not be fully vaccinated.

Good coaches think strategy when matches present challenges like now when two strategies seem possible. One would be to waive patent rights and share information with other countries so they can produce their own supply of vaccine. For instance, India could manufacture vaccine abundantly. 

A second strategy would be to provide vaccines directly to countries who can’t afford to buy them. Saving lives would be an amazing opportunity to change hearts and minds. Think of the status our country would achieve and how satisfied we would feel.

Currently we need to keep an eye on the pandemic ball because we want to beat it and return to normal. We may still need to learn the lessons it teaches that teams are strong only when they work together.

Mary Zanger

Retired Pharmacist, Hollister

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