The Best was The Best
On behalf of Handsome Ransom and the Ingram Family, we would
like to thank you for sponsoring The Best of San Benito County. We
also like to thank all those wonderful people that took the time to
vote for Handsome Ransom for (write-in winner for Best Horse). We
truly appreciate this award.
The Best was The Best

On behalf of Handsome Ransom and the Ingram Family, we would like to thank you for sponsoring The Best of San Benito County. We also like to thank all those wonderful people that took the time to vote for Handsome Ransom for (write-in winner for Best Horse). We truly appreciate this award.

Handsome Ransom would like to congratulate all the other winners.

James W. D. Ingram

San Juan Bautista

Response to Baler article

Reading the Baler article by staffer Diana Padilla, quoting SBHS Senior Jonathon Martinez, I noted that they were upset because Prop 52 failed in the recent election. As the story stated “Prop 52 would allow someone who turned 18 two days before the election to vote.”

Listen up, youngsters, the election code since before you two were born has allowed anyone turning 18 two days before the election to vote. Any otherwise qualified who will attain the age of 18 on or before Election Day, may register to vote in that election. To give voting registrars time to produce accurate voter registration files for the poll workers, state law closes that the registration window 29 days before the election. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 88, you have to register in the many months before the close of registration. In defeating Prop 52 the people of California reaffirmed that policy to prevent rampant voter fraud. But a person turning 18 two days before the election has every opportunity to register in a timely manner if he chooses to do so. To SBHS Senior J. Martinez, listen up in your Government class you’ll learn a lot.

To staffer D. Padilla, good journalists write accurate facts in news copy and leave opinion and personal agendas for the editorial page.

John C. Buchanan

SBHS Gov’t Teacher, long ago


Editor’s note: Once a month, newspapers delivered in the City of Hollister include the San Benito High School newspaper, which is printed by The Pinnacle.

San Juan Open Late

Here is a thought: what if the locals did not support the locally owned retail businesses? Would they disappear? Would we be left with only COSTCOs, KMarts and Targets? Would unique gifts, decor items and clothing cease to exist? Would Hollister and San Juan melt into Generica?

What an awful thought. Yes, we would still be in the good ol’ US of A, but what town? Would you ever get a sincere hello from the sales clerk again? How could you distinguish between a Hollister strip mall and a San Jose strip mall? Who would the local non-profits turn to for donations? How many times have you been to fundraisers where all the raffle, door and auction items were donated by Wal-Mart?

Probably none. Well here is your chance to make a difference and support your local merchants. The retail merchants of San Juan Bautista have decided to try and make it easier for the locals this holiday season. For the entire month of December San Juan will be open late. Eighty percent of the San Juan retail merchants have committed to staying open with the following hours: Friday and Saturdays until 8 p.m., Sunday through Thursday until 6 p.m. We hope this will help our local community support our local small business. Believe me we do appreciate it.

Arturo Medina


Condors deserve sacrifice

When defining a hero, it can become complicated. Is a hero someone who selflessly rushes into a burning building to save someone? Is a hero someone who donates his or her last dollar to a homeless child?

Can a hero be a person pulling over to aid a stranded motorist on a cold rainy night? Or can a hero be someone who is called on and more than likely inconvenienced and put out, but decides to do the right thing anyway, decides that once in their lifetime, they can make an enormous difference in the welfare of another person, animal or even an endangered species?

I think all of the above applies in the definition of a hero. I am hoping against all hope that this will be the case in the effort to prevent the annihilation of an animal forced to near extinction due to human error. This would be my definition of a hero, someone who can easily say at the completion of his or her life ‘I made a difference in this world.’

How many of us are given that chance and can honestly say, ‘I changed the course of another living creature in a positive way?’ Wow! I personally would be honored to assist in the act of preserving a beautiful and useful creature like the California Condor. These birds play a very important role in the ecosystem, disposing of dead, rotting and sometimes diseased animals. Since adult California Condors normally eat up to three pounds of meat a day, people and other animals are kept safer with the removal of these carcasses. The condors need a location like the Pinnacles and they are beneficial to this area.

I hope the rancher who has forbidden biologists from using his road to monitor the condors will reconsider, do the right thing and make a difference in our world. I, and many others, would personally consider him a hero.

Karrie Dennis


Conroy has earned the job

The city council will soon select a new mayor for Hollister. Councilman Brian Conroy is the only choice.

Councilman Conroy, the current mayor pro tem and second in line, has proven to be a cut above other elected officials by responding to resident’s letters and email. Conroy has been in the forefront answering questions by the media over controversial issues facing the City of Hollister.

Councilman Conroy had the vision of something bad coming this way starting with the West of Fairview Project. He researched and found Hollister’s infrastructure could not accommodate this and other projects until a new sewer treatment facility is built.

With conviction, Councilman Conroy along with Councilwoman Valdivia stood alone against Council members LoBue, Bruscia, Corrales, and Award Homes giant by voting “no” to sending the 677 home West of Fairview Project to LAFCO.

Because of the City’s endless failures, proposals and excuses of Hollister’s sewage treatment, Councilman Conroy has been out front of other council members by visiting state-of-the-art waste treatment facilities operating in various northern California cities.

Mayor LoBue has critically damaged city/county relationships. County officials have respect for Conroy by the professional way he approaches the workings between the city and county. With this in mind, Conroy as mayor can salvage this city/county relationship and together move ahead in helping solve issues of health, welfare and safety facing our community.

In the last election, voters sent a strong message of dissatisfaction with our city officials. As mayor, Councilman Conroy can mend the lost faith the community has in elected officials. Through his leadership at city hall, honesty, honor and pride will be restored to the office of mayor. Hopefully the city council recognizes this and act accordingly by selecting Brian Conroy as the next mayor of Hollister.

Paul Grannis


Stuart Little rocked

Three cheers to the San Benito Stage Company! “Stuart Little”, their most recent production, was truly superb! The young actors and actresses knew their lines, they were expressive and the audience could easily hear them. It was obvious the kids put a lot of time and effort into this wonderful production.

It is also apparent many parents and other community members helped out a great deal with the production. In a community such as San Benito County, where there are often complaints of “nothing to do,” I think the adults deserve a standing ovation for creating something worthwhile and meaningful for the kids in San Benito County to participate in.

BRAVO to the kids who poured their hearts and souls into the play and to the adults that helped and encouraged them. I can’t wait for their next production.

Kristen Damm


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