With Service Cuts Looming, is Another Tax Measure Likely?
With Service Cuts Looming, is Another Tax Measure Likely?


Regarding the article “Police Brace for Cuts” (Dec. 16):

Now that service cuts are impending, many folks who voted against the sales tax increase might be thinking twice, but it’s too late.

However, what would stop a duplicate measure on a future ballot?

Regardless, though, one of the reasons why the measure failed is because raising the sales tax seems like a band-aid approach to solving city budget problems.

What happens when the city gets into similar budgetary trouble again? Will they want to raise the sales tax to 10 percent next time?

The city can try again with the tax increase, but part of their campaign should involve telling everyone what they will do to avoid this predicament in the future.

John Rinck


There’s an Easy Way to Keep Purse Safe in Shopping Cart


I tell everybody about tying your purse in your cart.

There are straps that tie in children. Use that to tie your purse in, then nobody can steal your purse.

I have been doing this for years.

The first thing you do when you get in the store, tie in your purse.

That only takes about three seconds to do.

That’s better than your purse getting stolen.

Maybelle E Jones

San Juan Bautista

Is it Really Necessary to Have Police Officers Remove Graffiti?


I have a question regarding the story “Police Brace for Cuts” (Dec. 16) and the accompanying photograph, showing a police detective who says graffiti will get out of control when the Hollister Police Department’s graffiti abatement program is eliminated:

Does it really take a police officer to remove grafitti?

Bob Huenemann


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