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City Has Good Leadership Team and Dedicated Employees
City Has Good Leadership Team and Dedicated Employees


The City of Hollister has changed. When Dale Shaddox, former city manager, arrived, the city employed 71 non-management positions; we now employ 46. We city employees work at least two jobs each; some more.

I believe the city has the best handle on its financials than it has in a long time.

The thing that needs to change is the public’s perception of its local government.

I have been observing and participating for 30 years next month.

Once again for the umpteenth time: Your hometown is what you invest in it.

In the past you have not invested well.

Under our current leadership, you have the best executive management you have ever had. You have a good mix of smart council.

City employees and elected officials work diligently every day to turn our city around. However, we are probably one of the most unappreciated groups.

It has not been easy working for the city these past few years, but you have before you the most dedicated workforce I have ever seen while employed with the city and I don’t say that lightly.

I am on my way out soon but I have great hopes for this city and I always have.

I love its residents, especially the children and seniors.

We need to do a better job for all of our residents with emphasis on our youth with sincere, smart planning.

You can adopt all the general plans in the world but if you don’t stick to your plan, it’s a useless, expensive document.

Planning should not become a tug-of-war but a collaborative effort.

Get involved with your community on a positive note and you will see that we can turn it around together.

Carol Lenoir


It’s Time to Make Your Voice Heard on Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration is the most lopsided issue of modern time with most Republicans and Democrats against it, with many being in favor of very temporary farm worker permits.

However, neither party wants to solve the problem because the pressure groups who buy off our politicians override the interest of the vast majority. Our style of McCray.

Talk is cheap, but the best way to make your voice heard on this issue is to join a very effective group fighting for change. The largest of which is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), 1666 connecticut Ave. Suite 400, Washington, DC 20009 Tel: (202) 328-7004, [email protected].

You will be shocked at the material that you will receive from them.

Richard Dydell


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