Lewis: ‘Call your shot’ to develop your game

Bruce Lewis

Many golfers hit tons of range balls in an attempt to improve, but once you have your swing down it’s time to develop shot making skills.
One the best drills to do this is something I played throughout by college career called “Call Your Shot”.
In the game, we competed by calling a 4-iron hook shot to only 125 yards, instead of just hitting straight shots from good lies.
We also tried to hit the ball out of a divot or use the same club to shoot at different differences aiming for the same goal. You could also create tight fairways by driving between two yardage signs or humps on the range. It will also help you practice your uneven lie shots.
You will not always have perfect lies or shots from the center of the fairways, you want to practice like you are going to play and play like you practiced.
Good players miss fairways and greens too, they just know how to recover better.
Rules Question
Tony Ramos and Andrew Colton chipped at the same time. As the golf balls rolled towards the hole, Tony’s ball deflected Andrew’s ball into the hole.
Is there a penalty? Do they replay their shots? Did Andrew’s deflected chip score him a birdie? The answer is at the bottom of the column.
Souza and Villar shoot their age
John Souza, at the ripe young age of 75, shot his age on the Diablo Course at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. Souza’s three playing partners Pat Larkin, Dave Wilkens and Ron Wilson witnessed the day of golf.
Just one foursome behind Souza, Leo Villar also shot his age. Bart Racca, Mike Juvet and Dan Barone witnessed Villar’s 75.
Ace for Denton
This was a macho hole-in-one for Bob Denton, who shot the ball from the back tees. Denton’s shot on the fourth hole of the Diablo Course at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club measured 207 yards to the flag.
Jim McCarley, Pat Jackson and Barry Brady witnessed the shot. Denton used his 16-degree hybrid club for his ace.
Rules Answer
According to Rule 19-1: “If a ball in motion is accidentally deflected or stopped by any outside agency, it is a rub of the green, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies.”
The birdie counts. Most of the time it seems you get bumped away from the cup. An exception to this rule is applied if the both golf balls are played from on the green. The golfers must replay both of their shots and the golfer putting out of turn receives a two-stroke penalty.


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