Meeting preview: General plan fee, 2014 ballot measure and Resource Recovery Park


The San Benito County supervisors will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday, with the regular agenda including several items to be brought back for discussion from previous meetings.

General plan fee

On Dec. 4, supervisors received a report from planning staff members in regards to a potential general plan fee to recover some of the cost of the recent update. Staff members on Tuesday will bring back information from other communities’ fee ordinances.

The total cost of the general plan is $1.4 million with the cost of the plan, implementation and required housing element updates. The discussion on Tuesday will include options for recovering the cost via square footage or a flat fee.

Potential ballot measure for 2014

Supervisors will discuss the possibility of pursuing a community services district for 2014, which would require a ballot measure to approve a property or sales tax fee. A study conducted by the Parks and Recreation Commission on public support for a community services district found that there was not enough public support at this time so staff members have recommended not to pursue a measure in 2013. Instead, staff members have recommended a communications plan to continue with public engagement and the administrative processes necessary to determine if a measure should be pursued in 2014. Staff members are seeking direction from the board on how to proceed.

Resource Recovery Park EIR work to begin

Staff members of Integrated Waste Management will present a revised environmental impact report on the proposed Resource Recovery Park project. The EIR work was delayed to allow for completion of the John Smith Landfill expansion project. A timeline for the EIR is included in the agenda packet.

Financial software

Interim County Administrative Officer Ray Espinosa will present documentation of the evaluation process, recommendations of existing customers and request the board authorize negotiations and execution of a contract for a financial software system. Capital funds have been approved for the project and will cover the cost of software licensing, software, hardware and staff or professional services.

For the full agenda, visit San Benito County’s website.


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