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San Benito County Public Health Information Officer Samela Perez said again late this morning there are no confirmed cases of swine flu in San Benito County.

The department of health and human services, she noted, is continuing active surveillance for flu-like symptoms in various populations of the county.

As of Monday, there had been nearly 300 confirmed cases of the swine flu nationwide with 30 in California and one death as a result of the strain, according to the Centers for Disease

“We have increased our monitoring to include the faith-based communities, school, preschools, hospitals and clinics, assembling of local businesses on a daily basis, the labor camps, jail and juvenile halls, pharmacies and those who reach special populations in the community.”

Although there were not any available numbers regarding the number of people tested, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Frankie Arballo said screenings and tests have been done and “nothing has come back and there are no confirmed cases (of swine flu).”

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