First grade teacher Kristen Damm greets her first student Janelle Martinez, 6, on the first day of school at Ladd Lane Monday morning. photo gallery.
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Another school year has begun in San Benito County and along
with it comes new faces, programs and challenges.
photo gallery.

Another school year has begun in San Benito County and along with it comes new faces, programs and challenges.

At the North County Joint Unified School District, home of Spring Grove School, for instance, everything has gotten off to a good start with no major problems as of now, said Evelyn Muro, superintendent and principal at the North County Joint Unified School District.

The biggest addition has been the 100 new students, four new teachers and some new classrooms, all of which are occupied.

An older program, which was halted due to renovations at the school, has been reopened. The pre-kindergarten program is geared for children entering kindergarten in the 2009-10 school year.

The transition has gone seemingly well due to the teacher getting just hired last year, while planning has been under way since then.

“Everyone is very excited, both staff and students,” Muro said after she had visited all of her classrooms on Monday morning.

The Aromas-San Juan Unified School District is looking forward to having a “productive and positive school year,” said Jackie Munoz, superintendent for the district. Statewide budget issues loom large for schools in her district, and she said without certainty from Sacramento, it is “difficult to predict our budget.”

With or without a budget, the Aromas-San Juan district is moving ahead with new programs. With a grant from First 5, the district has implemented a mobile preschool program where teachers can visit the homes of students.

The district is still waiting on two grant proposals. The first is for Aromas School and deals with math and science instruction. The second is for San Juan School, and it would include “teacher collaboration and staff development” Munoz said.

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