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January 27, 2022

Letters to the editor: Covid-19 restrictions; Health Foundation

Hold them accountable With the loosening up of some of the unconstitutional Covid restrictions that have been implemented in California, it’s important that we don’t let up with the pressure campaign on all of our elected and appointed officials.  The governor, our state representative, state senator,...

Letter: Fairview Road is in dismal condition

The condition of Fairview Road is more than just appalling (could be said to be shocking, disgusting, and with a thesaurus, I could go on and on). I have not seen any helipads within any of the city developments, so I’m guessing many travel...

Letters: Reopen schools; vaccine myths

Reopen schools now The time for talking is over, THE SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA NEED TO BE REOPENED IMMEDIATELY! San Benito County has an interesting record in terms of schools. Many rural schools in San Benito County have been open for in person instruction since August,...

Letters to the editor: Sargent Ranch

Quarry would destroy critical ecosystem Just outside of Gilroy, Sargent Ranch is home to critical plant and animal life. Yet the land was purchased in auction by an investor group located in San Diego. The group is bent on building an open sand and gravel...

Letters to the editor: Push forward on land use; surrender to Covid-19

With so much at stake we must not let the supervisors drag us backwards. We must push them forward.

Opinion: Node protesters keep losing; Covid-19 excuses

Instead of starting with the whole viral structure, this vaccine takes a single protein, the one responsible for the coronavirus spikes. This is a single RNA protein that programs for a single matching DNA protein. Since RNA brings a message to DNA, it is called the messenger.

Opinion: Vaccine achievement; more suffering

We, as well as all other residents have missed out on each other’s lives for 11 months.

Opinion: All suffering is equal

Business owners all over San Benito County, and in my opinion all over the state and nation, need to right now start defying shut down and lock down orders and open their businesses.

Opinion: Freedom and restrictions

It seems very convenient to issue a new wide ranging Stay At Home order one month before the new Covid-19 vaccine is supposed to be rolled out.

Opinion: Threats and promises

It's like someone got the turkey wishbone and pulled both ends wishing for business as usual. Nodes keep popping up like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery. It's time leaders faced reality: time to be creative, time to be thoughtful.