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There is an old proverbial idiom, “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black’” that very accurately describes the dynamic revealed in a recent mailer from the local 501 c 4 political nonprofit “Neighbors to Preserve San Benito” (NPSB). 

The mailer referenced a recent news article directed at a relatively new group of political activists calling themselves “Hollister Guardians.” I read the message in the mailer and did a little fact checking of my own and learned about the important work being done by the “Hollister Guardians.” 

I think it is commendable that a group of engaged citizens has started paying attention to what is going on here in San Benito County. I believe, based on the message in the recent NPSB mailer, that NPSB is deeply concerned about San Benito County residents becoming accurately informed about the power that developers have over elected officials in making critical decisions regarding future development in our county. 

The most interesting messaging in the NPSB mailer were their claims that the Hollister Guardians are a “dark money” group and that there is no “direct contact” information on their website and no “board of directors” listed. 

“Dark money” is a term frequently used by NPSB to shed a negative light on local nonprofits working in San Benito County to slow the pace of development and protect farmland. 

Political nonprofits (501 c 4s) aren’t required to reveal funding sources, hence the term “dark money.” Mailers like the one sent out by NPSB are expensive. Who is paying for these? Not disclosing the source of funding for a mailer is a clear example of “dark money.” 

It can be truthfully stated that NPSB is, in fact, a “dark money” group. Also, they do not have a board of directors, nor do they provide “direct contact” information on their web page. 

Based on all of the above NPSB is a very good fit for the idiom: “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black.” Thank you, NPSB, for such a revealing mailer.

Jim Leap

San Benito County

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