Pictured are local recipients of some of the 200 laptops donated March 9 to the Youth Alliance in Hollister. Contributed photo.
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The Monterey Peninsula Foundation teamed up with AT&T and Human-I-T to donate 200 laptop computers to the Youth Alliance and their families in Hollister on March 9. 

The giveaway was part of the AT&T Connected Learning initiative, which aims to help address the digital divide through internet accessibility, affordability and safe adoption, says a press release from AT&T. 

The laptops donated on March 9 were provided to families in need who live in Hollister and Gilroy. The giveaway took place at the Youth Alliance office on Fourth Street in Hollister. 

In Hollister and Gilroy, an estimated 20-plus percent of K-12 students do not have basic access to the internet or computers at home, says the press release. Nationally, one in five households lack a connection to the internet, and 35% of Americans do not have the digital literacy skills needed to navigate the online world. 

“Empowering young minds through technology is not just an opportunity, but a necessity in today’s world. At Youth Alliance, we strongly believe and advocate for strategies to bridge the digital divide in our community’s youth,” said Diane Ortiz, CEO of Youth Alliance. “We believe that digital literacy is key in nurturing our young people to engage, grow, transform, and lead. This access serves as a gateway to endless possibilities, fostering creativity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.”

For more than 25 years, Youth Alliance has been committed to equipping youth and families with resources to thrive and be successful, says the press release. Access to technology is at the forefront of YA’s initiatives and through its Youth Impact Centers, after school services and youth empowerment programs, YA continues to provide critical youth support services and equipment needed for homework, tutoring, and career development. 

The laptops donated on March 9 are “crucial to bringing technology access to rural and underserved communities and the youth that reside within,” says the release. 

“Monterey Peninsula Foundation is very proud to continue our longstanding support of Youth Alliance and their impactful work that empowers young people to create positive change in their communities.” added Steve John, CEO of the nonprofit Monterey Peninsula Foundation.

Gabe Middleton, CEO of Human-I-T, added that the donation is “about creating equal opportunities for education and success for students in Hollister and the Monterey Bay Area.”

Pictured are local recipients of some of the 200 laptops donated March 9 to the Youth Alliance in Hollister. Contributed photo.
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