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November 29, 2021

Welcome back Hollinet, we sure missed you

A week ago, we were wondering where you were. I think it is only

Anonymous opinions belong somewhere else

I like your new feature Citizens Voice on the editorial page

Tickets aren’t harsh enough

In response to

A gesture of respect

Last month (July), the army called my house to inform my fiancee

Letter: Velazquez has reader’s vote for mayor

Wasn’t sure who to vote for mayor of Hollister. Thought we needed someone young enough to be reelected each time.

Letter to the editor

City contract may bring unintended consequences

Letters: Whichever biker event is better will draw more people

Unfortunately, due to the mismanagement of funds of the past

Letter: New Declaration of Independence required?

What about "Patriots & Rebels" as a keystone upon which to build the celebration of patriotic rebels in Hollister, declaring Hollister a sanctuary from public-sector transit fiascoes, declaring that Hollister local government won't support more gouging of motorists, motorcyclists & truckers by subsidy-dependent bigger government transit of all modes, from rickshaws to bullet trains, and feature the self-reliant pay for their own expenses, no handouts, for those liberty-loving motorists, motorcyclists and private-sector transport enthusiasts. We could extend it to rail by initiating as part of the long-range transport planning re-instating TOFC/COFC service for the Central California Coast Region, and companies like West Marine that desperately need better, more environmentally friendly logistics. We could shame COG's Directors in public. Shame the board of supervisors, for backing higher taxes on motorists, motorcyclists and truckers. We could shame COG & BOS for sacrificing motorists' lives with their "Emperor Transit First" policy. Adding the "rebel" and "patriot" factors would show just how fed-up the taxpayers are at having to subsidize the pork that COG & BOS give-away to their public-sector union special interests. We could show how "green" citizens are, and how "anti-red" we are, and pro-American at heart, right here on the fringes of leftist central Bay Area. Hell, who knows, we may even deter a few small business owners from fleeing to taxpayer-friendly States, and keep a few jobs right here in SBC, currently one of the worst Counties in the USA thanks to COG's Smart Growth lunacy.

Wastewater frustrations

Reading that options are continuing to be studied as to what to

Guest View: Supervisor contends Measure J goes too far

I think most San Benito County residents believe that energy companies should be able to continue to operate here—and perhaps even expand—provided they are held to stringent environmental regulations. I fall into this camp, too. It is why I am voting no on Measure J.