Recent rainstorms drop 2.39 inches, add to healthy total

Downtown Hollister during a rain storm.

The latest storms that started Friday dropped a sum of 2.39 inches in the Hollister area, bringing the seasonal precipitation total to an amount equaling that of an entire, average rain season, according to a National Weather Service forecaster.
There is a break in the rain until storms are expected again in the area Thursday and Friday, said Diana Henderson, a National Weather Service forecaster in the Monterey region.
With help from the weekend storms, though, Hollister has absorbed a healthy total—13.08 inches—for the rain season that started in October, Henderson said.
The Hollister area generally averages 11 to 13 inches of rain per year depending on altitude. In recent years with the drought, those numbers have been much lower.
The lowest-recorded rain total on record for the Hollister area happened in the 2013 calendar year when just 4.39 inches fell here. Most precipitation in the region occurs from October into the spring, while it routinely slows down in May, Henderson said.
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