Students in the San Benito County Office of Education’s adult education programs this spring honored Cesar Chavez’s contributions to migrant farmworkers rights through art. Contributed photo.

Earlier this spring, students at Pinnacles Community, San Andreas Continuation and Santa Ana Opportunity School honored Cesar Chavez’s contributions to the rights of migrant farmworkers through art and writing, says a press release from the San Benito County Office of Education. 

The students were recognized on April 23, when Sylvia Chavez Delgado, daughter of Cesar Chavez, and Mickie Luna, president of the Latino Coalition of San Benito County came to the schools to present students with certificates. The recognition acknowledged the students’ creativity and highlighted their connection to the struggles and stories within their own families.  

The Latino Coalition’s student art contest earlier this spring provided a platform for students to express themselves and share their unique narratives, says the press release. In addition to the struggles, many of the pieces depict the strength and pride of migrant farmworkers, as well as the rich, colorful culture they carry with them. 

The student artwork was also displayed at the San Benito County Office of Education Arts Showcase in April, where one piece was selected as “Women’s Club Favorites.” 

These pieces serve as a source of pride for students, many of whom come from migrant families themselves, the press release continues. 

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